Security Systems

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Security systems are all those electronics that help to protect an area and the safety of individuals who are in it.

Types of security systems:
     1.Alarm Systems
     2.Recording and monitoring systems


Is it necessary to install a security system?

We live in a time of growing crime and even specialized expertise on the part of criminals ...

Here we intervene and assure the percentage you want, with our long and technically proficient experience in both technique and personnel with sophisticated security systems, the desired result!

We provide excellent support to new and existing facilities as well as systems for recording and monitoring via mobile or INTERNET.




The cost of a security system

This depends on many factors, such as the kind of the area you want to protect. Also what level of security you want to give your place beyond the basic.



Features and functions of security systems

The capabilities of current security systems are limitless. Modern security systems feature advanced technology, more features and more importantly, not easily violated compared to previous generation systems. Also the cost compared to previous decades has been reduced considerably.

Alarms: One of the most prevalent security systems because of their effectiveness. With alarms you can secure indoor and outdoor spaces using special detection devices (radar). When they realize any movement or burglary effort, they activate the sirens.



Signal Alarm Receiving Centre: The Signal Alarm Receiving Centre is a monitoring station that operates 24 hours a day and controls connected to this alarm system. Example:When for some reason the alarm is triggered , the monitoring center receives the signal and notifies the owners, police and any other person or service the customer wants.



Notification alarm SMS (GSM): The GSM device is a device which is able to be fitted to any alarm.It contains a mobile phone SIM card which, if for any reason the alarm is triggered, sends a special signal to Signal Repository Center or an SMS to the cell phone we have chosen, with the specific alert. The installation of GSM devices can be performed in Alarm Systems where there is no phone line to provide the ability to alert the SRC or when we want to ensure that in case of a broken telephone connection, a message will be sent to the SRC.



Monitoring and image recording systems: Monitoring and image recording systems include security cameras ang give you the opportunity to monitora distant area via a computer screen or a laptop and even your mobile phone. There is also the ability of video recording so that data can be retrieved at any time and from any place. 

alarm systems



Security systems and human safety


It is obvious that above houses, shops and more generally the assets , human safety is most important. Let's see how security systems contribute to the protection and safety of individuals.


Security systems can be activated even when we are inside the house . We can disable the motion sensors and keep turned on the magnetic contacts on doors and windows. In this way, even when we are at home and someone tries to violate our space the alarm will be triggered.



Panic button- panic button is a feature that exists in the alarm keypad and you can use it in case you feel threatened in your area by someone who tries to violate it. Pressing the panic button activates the alarm and alerts simultaneously the competent authorities.



Personal threat code


Personal threat code is the password you use, if coming to your place ,someone stalls you at the entrance and forces you to move in and disarm the alarm. In that case we type our personal threat code which disarms the security system but also alerts the SRC and the authorities.



Medical aid button- medical assistance button is on the keyboard of security systems and we activate it in case we need medical help.Pressing the button immediately alerts the alarm monitoring station and the center notifies the ambulance service or any other person the customer wants.