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Monitoring photovoltaic parks
The solar park is an open outdoor space in which installed solar panels in order to accumulate solar energy. This technological development has grown in recent years, and where applicable, energy savings results are very important. How did you secure an installation of this size which most times make the region. So that while you live in town, you know what happens in the photovoltaic park in. The solution comes with reliable systems which can prevent the invasion of an area in the park or the theft of the panels, but also to watch even remotely what happens in photovoltaic park whenever you want.
There are many ways that you can protect a photovoltaic park, singly or in combination, depending on the requirements of each case.


Safety photovoltaic panels with fiber.
Place a plastic fiber through which light is passed. This plastic optical fiber, passes through all the panels so that the connection between them. If someone tries to remove any way a panel of the array, the optical fiber to be cut and an alarm.
The method of optical fiber is the most reliable, as it will give a false alarm, except when someone pulls one panel.

Perimeter coverage of Solar Park in bundles.
Positioned facing two columns of different dimensions, through which come out invisible rays from one column to the other. When someone pass between them, these "cut" and given alarm.
The best place to put the beams in order to maximize their performance, is the perimeter of the plot. In this way, it is like having an invisible fence around the plot, which gives greater security, since in this case given the alarm before the intruder entered the park.


Monitoring of Photovoltaic Park with cameras

The most important thing is that you can watch what's happening in the Solar Park, which can be located anywhere, any time you're in your home. Even if something happens and an alarm, know that you can connect directly to watch what happens in space.
Action Protect has the expertise and the ability to choose the right camera, and place them in the right places, so you have full visibility of the site during the entire day and night. Also knowing that the installation is outdoors, place cameras watertight to avoid moisture problems. In addition to select with this analysis that does not affect the performance of the image even in difficult weather conditions.
The choice of DVR machine is equally important as through this you can monitor remotely Photovoltaic Park via internet, or via 3G connection on your phone or tablet. Additionally, you can log in and watch the park, even for more than one week ago.