Security Systems

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The underground cable detection systems offer reliable protection where the perimeter shielding systems are necessary. Titration smart sensors provide unique detection capabilities, including the exact location uninvited visitors either walk, run or crawl to within 3 meters.

With coverage radius of 400 meters per processor, the system comprising a processing unit and two pairs of wiring sensors may be buried along the perimeter of an installation in the soil, the asphalt or concrete. So, we create a field around the sensing pair wiring of sensors allows direct intrusion detection.

Installers of Action Protect locate underground detectors and customize with ease according to the specific requirements of each situation. Then, adjust the sensors with different calculations calibration to compensate for variations in the composition of the soil and have a uniform detection throughout the protected area. With the help of specialized software can separate different detection zones of the protected area with the highest safety oriented, but also less demanding on equipment costs.