Security Systems

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Systems Monitoring IP-CCTV

Technologies such as the IP surveillance systems offer limitless possibilities, called IP-CCTV
With the ability to install such a system have continuous recording of all movements of the range space and the option for all these images to be transmitted (NVR) in a web node (IP) which we can access from your mobile phone, or a single PC with Internet access. Monitoring systems provide IP-CCTV unlimited expansion capabilities and management of a recording system with low cost bringing revolution in surveillance systems.

Continuous logging monitoring

Watch your area from anywhere, via computer or through your mobile phone or your Tablet. Monitoring systems DVR (Digital Video Recording) and NVR (Network Video Recording) allow continuous logging of the installed cameras and store the various tools available and provide storage and transmission capabilities of the signals in high-capacity internet nodes or control rooms. By using these systems, ensure continued operation of recording and transmission of digital video. Also provided and Modes resolution and quality storage.