Security Systems

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Control panel with communicator, up / downloadable. 5 zones (4 +1 24) 2 auxiliary outputs, 8 users and 8 wireless zones. Doubled with the use of specific elements. Memory 512 events, auto arming - disarming adjustable time Blowback, siren tone format, selecting factory default country. Connectivity with NX-7002 (GSM module). Consumption 66mA. Compatible with X-10 technology. Does not include keyboard and M / T.
Dimensions: W 23.5 x H 21.2 x 9.2 cm


Keypad 8 zone LED and backlit keys. Power Consumption 130mA.

Dimensions: W 16.3 x H 10.2 x 2.6 cm




8 keyboard zones with LED, backlit keys and door. Vertical support. Power Consumption 130mA. Dimensions: W 7.6 x H 14.5 x 3 cm






LCD alphanumeric keyboard with illuminated keys and door. for

all tables in the series Networ-X. Power Consumption 110mA.

Dimensions: W 15.8 x H 13.5 x 3 cm-B With English-Greek characters





4 channel receiver. It can hold up to 31 transmitters, provides negative command exits. 250mA - 433MHz. with antenna



Transmitter 4-channel receiver DX-32R. Radius of 300 feet. 433MHz



DC-1571 W/B

Nailed micro mini magnetic contact with wire in the middle. White / Brown.

(The smallest magnetic contact to date in the world). Gap: 7,9 mm (NC)

Dimensions 16.7 x 7.1 x 1.6 mm





Passive infrared detector 12 x 17m and vertical beam. Setting Pulse 2/4, lightning protection and tamper. Possible conversion into pet immune (up 100Lbs/45Kg) .12 VDC, LED On / Off.





Passive infrared detector with a radius of 12 x 12 meters and an opening 85 °.

Features: 78-band - Provides tamper - Set Pulse 2/4 - Operating voltage 9.5-16VDC - 11mA Power Consumption - Provides protection RFI 20V / m. Detector can be curtain 18 x 1.8m by changing lens (FL-60N)







Passive Infrared Ceiling Detector (adjustable height) diameter 18m in length 5m height. Complete protection from RFI, heat, noise. 360 ° - 276 bands, 6-18VDC, 18mA, setting pulses 1/2/4






Detector breaking glass, wall, based on the technology of microprocessors. Maximum detection range 6.5m, detects all types of glass. Uses technology 3 x 3, features automatic sensitivity setting circuit includes test button, power / status led.10-14DC/AC, 24mA consumption, operating temperature 0-49 C °





Specially constructed cylindrical pillar 1m for beams with integrated cabin lighting garden. Field of view 180 °. Holds up to 2 beams (twin beams). Olycarbonate aluminum construction for durability. Also supplied with the bracket, set support beam and tamper protection. For wall mounting, pack of 2 pieces





Double beam 4 channels maximum distance outdoor 30m. Operating voltage of 11-26VDC. Special luminescent color for easy identification and control of beam



Beam outdoor reflector. Range: 1-11m and outdoor 1-15m indoors. Excellent performance in harsh weather conditions and lighting. 180 ° horizontal adjustment and 10 ° vertical adjustment.

Consumption 50mA, 10.5-30VDC (no polarity). Dimensions: 17 x 7.3 x 7.1 cm (Beam) - 23.1 x 9.1 x 28 cm (Reflector)




Outdoor siren with orange polycarbonate Flash 116dB with 2 piezo.

Includes battery NiCd, 10V at 280mA. It features a timer 3-5-10-20 minutes, ability to work with command + or - to separate flash and siren. Complete protection board from moisture, has an electronic flash with a long lifespan. Optionally provide internal shielding metal lid (AB-570). Dimensions: 30 x 21 x 7cm





Outdoor siren 116dB polycarbonate with 1 piezo. Includes battery NiCd, 7.2V at 280mA. It features a timer 3-15 minutes, operates by ordering (-). 12VDC/refma charging 50mA. polygonal shape




Addressable ionization detector 22-38VDC / 200 has output for bright repeater. Easy programming, SMD circuit technology with full diagnostics. Modern design and high quality construction. Does not include base




Colour dome camera with varifocal lens 3.5-8mm - CCD - 1/3 "- 380 TV lines - 0.5Lux/F2.0 - current 150mA/12VDC. Dimensions: 12.4 cm diameter x 6.8 cm height



Color speed dome camera with 1/4 ", 480 TV lines, 3 Lux, electronic shutter control, 360 ° continuous motion 25 x optical zoom F = 2.4 to 60mm (F1.6 to 2.7), auto iris - focus, RS-485 interface. Using keyboard DX-CK101




Color camera indoor / outdoor day / night. Features include bracket and power supply. 12VDC - 330TV lines - 3.6mm lens - 0,5 lux or 0 lux with LED. It also has built in front of the infrared LED for shooting up to 10m distance from a camera at night. Operating Temperature -10 +50 C °, 180m (IR LED OFF) - 300mA (IR LED ON). IP 65.
Dimensions: 58.5 x 46.5 x 73.5mm. Weight: 300g




Color camera1/3”, 380TV lines, 0.2 lux/F1.2, 10~40VDC or 18~30VAC/3.3W.


Video/DC Drive, Super AGC, auto backlight, 2η exit monitor, -20 +50 C°




Colour monitor 15 "TFT-LCD, slim and modern design.
Resolution 1024 x 768XGA speck 0,297 x 0,297 mm / Response time 16ms / 262,144 colors / contrast 400:1 / Brightness 500cd/m2 / Viewing Angle 140 (A) X 130 (K).
Features: video in - out, VGA IN/I5 pin, Y / C input, audio x in / out, on-screen settings. weight 4kgr
Dimensions: 35.3 (W) x 33.8 (Y) x 17 (B) cm.





Monochrome monitor 9 ", 1000 TV lines, with sound. 220VAC/28Watt. has Video In / Video Out-Audio In / Audio Out. Dimensions: 22 (W) x 25.2 (B) x 23.5 (H) cm

DX-DF400A +HDD160GB 


Triplex digital recorder 4 inputs video/4eisodon audio and built-in hard disk 160GB. Resolution 720x576 (PAL). Display rate 120fps (4x30). Compression method MPEG-4. Recording mode: Normal, by schedule, motion detection, alarm, 4alarm input / 1 alarm out put. Max capacity of 4 hard drives (excluding CD-RW). Set video stream 0.5Mbps ~ 3Mbps. Capacity for CD-RW. Back up: Network / USB 2.0 / CD-RW optional), RS-485 for remote control / PTZ, IR remote control, 5 ° C ~ +40 ° C, 440 (W) x 400.8 (B) x 88 (Y) m. Includes power supply 12VDC/5A




CamDisc SVR 4 / digital transmission system and local recording 4 cameras with integrated web converter (TCP / IP) and placed removable hard disk for recording events




CHW 270 / IP66

Housing outdoor aluminum protection IP 66. 220VAC with heating element, sunshade and mounting bracket with cable routing inside. Has a special polyester coating for greater durability. - Dimensions: P12.8 x M 41 x Y 13.8cm
(Usable inside length 27cm)