Security Systems

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Access control system consists of one reader, card access, electric locks, push-button input - output and corresponding software program if you want some special services, such as printing the hour input – output. By having installed such a security system you can cover the most simple to the most complex needs of protection and control of an area. In conclusion you can control who comes in and who comes out each time by one space. You can deny entry to those without access, simply because they don’t have the appropriate buttons or card access. Monitoring attendance and Retirement - You have the opportunity in your business to check the time of arrival and departure of your employees by using special software, which is simple to use. You can draw data from the card input - output of your employees and  estimate the duration of their employment, which may be useful in payroll. You can also print data from the cards of your employees, for any use.

Numerous other applications and with the ability of remote:

-  Locking and unlocking items in different places

-  Opening and closing lights

-  garage doors