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What is a Barcode?

The barcode (or barcode) is a visual display of information readable by suitable equipment, on a surface. Primary use was data encoding in width and gaps of printed parallel lines, but now the data is contained in patterns of dots or in concentric circles. The barcode "read" by optical scanners (scanners), and decoded by appropriate software. Now widely used in the implementation of automatic identification systems & Data Collection (AIDC) to improve the speed and accuracy of data entry into a computer.

The barcodes that have been adopted by GS1 allow the use of internationally recognized codes GS1 to identify products, places, logistics units, etc. The most advanced barcodes, such as the GS1-128, GS1 DataBar and DataMatrix GS1, in conjunction with the use of Indicators Application GS1, allowing the encoding parameters such as lot numbers and expiration dates.

To find specific service applications, such as parking control and adjustment entry. The Barcode is printed on the ticket that receives the user when entering the receipt. The Barcode scanned station-hand and enables the verification of visitors so that is easier to collect revenue.

Barcodes are widely used in control applications, software sales stores, shops restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.