Security Systems

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Action Protect is a company that has given full attention to the needs that arise for safety and security. Covering you first and then the goods you have acquired with effort. So today we are pleased to offer you a package of proposals on systems that have proven their long-term reliability.

In homes, offices, shops, schools, factories,hotels, public buildings.

We live in a time of growing crime and even specialized expertise on the part of criminals ...

Here we intervene and assure the percentage you want, with our long and technically proficient experience in both technique and personnel with sophisticated security systems, the desired result!

       -   We provide excellent support to new and existing facilities as well as systems for recording and monitoring via mobile or INTERNET.

       -   We contract security systems for solar power plants!

       -   We are open to recommendations of clients and wider cooperation.

Hopefully soon to be given the opportunity to discuss with you.

So we put together the foundations for a long and profitable collaboration.

A partnership that is directly related to both the demands and peculiarities of your industry, and the professional nature of your activities.


Given a written 2 year warranty on all materials and prices always tailored to your needs. Installation by experienced technical staff and a wide range of materials.