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Action Protect


ACTION PROTECT is a company that has given full attention to the needs that arise for safety and security. Covering you first and then the goods you have acquired with effort. So today we are pleased to offer you a package of proposals on systems that have proven their long-term reliability.


In homes, offices, shops, schools, factories, public buildings.



Sample Products


The NetworX NX-4 is a feature-rich, entry level security system.


 Passive infrared detector 12 x 17m and vertical beam



High- speed domecolor camerawith 1/4 "

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Close protection teams for Very Important Persons (VIP)

Action Protect is paying special attention to the protection of people and property with the presence of human resources .We have chosen well-trained men of the Greek army special forces and former police officers in order to have teamwork and perfect timing to carry out any mission.

The foundation of our success in our operations is that every member of Action Protect has been trained to separate fields and continues to be trained for the best results.

The areas of our expertise are: protective escort and driving, communication and electronic surveillance, physical surveillance and counter surveillance, search for and detection of hidden improvised explosive devices, defense and restrain tactics, and bodyguard medic. We provide you a partnership with discretion and efficiency as our priority is your safety but also of your property.

For Action Protect every person is important.


Some of our customers:

ARRANTY Action Protect 


Given a written 2 year warranty on all materials and prices

always tailored to your needs. Installation   by experienced

technical staff and a wide range of materials.

Offer of the month:


Alarm system ...

at a great price!!